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Selma Blair Sports New Hairstyle

Selma Blair is no stranger to hair controversy. The cruel intentions star has admitted to having a penchant for trying out new hairstyles – from the trendy to the outlandish. She claimed to have fallen in love with hairstyle experimentation since 7th grade, describing how silly haircuts “made her happy”.

This time round, it’s her hair color. After leaving the sitcom Anger Management, Selma has been seen sporting blonde hair, departing from her traditional brown locks. She was seen with ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick on July 7 at a zoo in Studio City with their 23 month old son Arthur.

Well, this isn’t exactly Selma’s most shocking haircut. In 2006, she cut off her bellybutton length hair for a very short boyish haircut with parts of the side and back shaven. Check that out.


We wonder if anyone has kept count on the different types of haircut Selma Blair has sported. You name it and chances are that Selma has had that type of hair before. Curly hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair and straight hair (well this one is pretty simple to achieve, you just need a flat iron: check out some reviews of hair straightening flat irons). If you ask us, we think our favorite one was her sleek short hairstyle in Hellboy.

In any case, Selma Blair seems to be enjoying her time after Anger Management. Recently, she has been spotted a couple of times with a bearded, unnamed man several times, having meals and hanging out with her little boy Arthur. Is that a new man in her life? Well, when asked about the new ring on her hand, she tweeted that it was “just a ring” and not an “engagement ring”.

No matter, we are just happy Selma has found happiness and moved on post Anger Management.

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Selma Blair Flaunts Barefaced Flawless Skin

Selma Blair may be a single mother juggling a busy acting career, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from having flawless radiant skin.

The 41 year old actress showed up without makeup as she walked out of a cafe in Studio City, Calif, grabbing breakfast as she ran errands.

Selma Blair Microdermabrasion

Sporting a sleek black vest and cardigan, with a pair of fitting jeans that accentuated her slim legs, she looked casually radiant and in good spirits walking down the sidewalk.

In an earlier interview with MSN living, Selma shared some of her personal beauty tips.

A self-confessed ‘poor applier’, she prefers to avoid anything difficult when it comes to makeup, opting for basics like pink blush and nude lipsticks. Liquid liners and concealers are usually no-go for her, abhorring the feeling of skin cracking under thick layers of foundations.

She also admitted to being a beauty chameleon of sorts in high school, and liked to play around with different hairstyles and colors. When asked what’s her favorite hairstyle, the 41 year old cheekily replied that she liked her hair “whatever way it is not now”.

What can we learn from Selma when it comes from skincare? Well, she seems to prefer non-invasive treatments and said that she hasn’t gone under the knife although she wouldn’t say she would never.

She also goes to a spa for weekly sessions which she claimed has helped her skin a lot even though she did not elaborate on the sort of treatment she received. Well, many spas nowadays offer effective non-invasive skin treatments like microdermabrasion and high frequency therapy. These can be rather costly for the average person though, but nowadays there are some pretty good microdermabrasion systems like the ones reviewed here that can be very cost effective.

Other novel at home beauty treatment options include the derma roller and the derma wand. The derma roller is a microneedling technique aimed at inducing collagen growth and remodeling damaged skin. Correctly used, it could fade scars and stretch marks. On the other hand, the derma wand delivers stimulating high frequency energy to deeper layers of the skin and can plump up older or sagging skin. Find out more through reviews of the derma wand and the derma roller

The final and most important tip she shared was to stay out of the sun. This is very good advice indeed, as studies have shown that most visible skin damage before the age of 40 is a result of UV damage rather than aging.

So, here you are, beauty tips to keep in mind if you want to be a barefaced beauty like Selma Blair!



Selma Blair is the new voice of Xfinity

Selma Blair has sealed a new voice-over gig with Comcast!

Comcast, the well-known cable and internet provider, has recently rolled out a brand new campaign to increase understanding of their flagship Xfinity brand. Costing $170 million dollars, their advertisement campaign sells the idea that Xfinity creates a seamless experience for the consumer. (more…)

Selma Blair Profile

Selma Blair was born Selma Blair Beitner on June 23, 1972, in Southfield, Detroit, Michigan. She is the youngest child of judge Molly Ann (née Cooke) and Elliot I. Beitner.  (more…)